Ed Tech and the Future of School

“Our technology has exceeded our humanity” – Einstein said. And this was before the information age had even started! Today, technology changes faster than ever. How are we keeping up? Technology is what we – humans – do. It’s what defines our species. Throughout our history, we invented tools that didn’t just help us survive, but improved our lives enormously. Our motto could very […]

A Jobless Future? New Learning Models Make It Look Less Bleak

This one here says “Extra strong. For Mondays.” He smiled. You don’t get it, do you? A man was talking to a young kid. They had found a bunch of old coffee cups. The kid looked puzzled. People used to hate Mondays, the man explained. On Monday it was the hardest to go to work. That’s why they needed […]

The Dawn Of Personalized Learning

The concept of personalized learning dominates conversations on education reform. But how well is this concept holding on the ground? Is it making any headway in schools? And if it is, what helps and what hinders its progress? A new report by the Rand Corporation provides some answers. Titled Early Progress, this report reviews two-years worth of data from 23 U.S. public charter schools, all started on the path of personalized learning. […]

A School Model for Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learners are at the helm of their education. For some people this comes naturally. For others it’s more of a struggle. But in the long run this education model benefits everyone. Why? Because it’s tailored to each individual’s needs and interests. And because it forms people who are self-reliant and who take responsibility for their learning and ultimately for their life. But is such […]

Unschooled But Not Uneducated

This time last year I was welcoming my students back to school. While excited to see their friends again, most students were clearly unhappy to be back at school. And school staff were for the most part unhappy too. Whether we admit to it or not – and this goes for students and teachers alike – the […]

The Maker Movement Reinvents Learning for the Knowledge Society

  Scientia potentia est – Knowledge is power. This saying is now more true than ever. Why? Because the industrial society we were inhabiting not too long ago has seamlessly turned into a knowledge society. Where instead of producing material goods and services, more and more people engage in generating, applying, and spreading new knowledge. With the emphasis on new! The digital era […]