Improving Learning

Learning doesn’t have to happen in the traditional classroom setting. In fact, the number of opportunities for non-traditional, authentic learning is on the rise. This page displays my posts on new approaches to learning, and my reflections on the process of learning in general.

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A Jobless Future? New Learning Models Make It Look Less Bleak

The Case Against Endurance

My Dream School

Self-Directed Learning: How Do We Know What We Don’t Know?

Study Says Student Motivation Is Irrelevant To Learning – A Dangerous Proposition

Finland Reinvents Schooling – What Can We Learn?

Parents Come In Two Flavours – Which One Are You?

Students Aren’t Just Kids! My Push For Project-Based Learning

Would Deep Learning Fix My Chronic Lack Of Time?

The Insidious Effects Of Praise

The Dawn Of Personalized Learning

Whiplash – What Does It Take To Achieve Mastery?

Understanding Is Key To Learning, Even For Robots

School and Work Shouldn’t Be Chores

A School Model for Self-Directed Learning

Unschooled But Not Uneducated

The Maker Movement Reinvents Learning for the Knowledge Society

How Do You Define Success?

Should Competition Drive Learning? Why iGEM High-School Should Change

Want to Make Learning Meaningful? We Need Disruptive Change!

Operation Minerva – Making Science and Math More Appealing to Girls

iGEM – international Genetically Engineered Machines














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