Is she daydreaming? Where is her mind right now? I’m standing in front of my biology class, trying to make eye contact with my students, get them to settle down. This class comes right after lunch, so I’m used to them being chatty and distracted. But Steph is not talking to her neighbour, as usual. She […]

Wastelands and Meadows

Hi – A young man greeted me. I answered him in passing and walked by without stopping. The sports store was packed. Staff was everywhere. They were just trying to be friendly, helpful. And to let customers know they were watching. That’s what went through my mind at first, but the next moment I realized I knew his face. I stopped and […]

Hold Your Horses!

He didn’t know it, but he was right to say that to me, to tell me “Hold your horses.” Only now, years after this happened, I realize how right he was. Stop and think for a moment – Only if I did! Although clearly he didn’t mean to give me this message. All he wanted was to sound cool in […]


“Look, she gave me four pluses today!” The girl was delighted. A ten followed by four pluses was the highest possible score one could get from Mademoiselle. The girl knew her parents felt proud. What she didn’t know was that they also felt reassured. Paying for Mademoiselle’s lessons wasn’t easy for them. Good to know the money wasn’t going to waste! It […]


I get in through the portico doors at one side of the school building. The creak of the old wooden floors echoes in the empty corridors. As I walk toward the science wing, the flutter in my chest returns. I’d managed to quiet it down on my way to school, by focusing on my breathing. Took the fresh cold air in and […]