Trending: The Happiness Report Card

They say happiness is a “flaky” concept. Is it? Is the idea of happiness too personal and esoteric to deserve much attention and interest? Is our aspiration for happiness too subjective and vague to give it much thought in our busy, day-to-day lives? If happiness isn’t on your mind so much, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re just […]

Ed Tech and the Future of School

“Our technology has exceeded our humanity” – Einstein said. And this was before the information age had even started! Today, technology changes faster than ever. How are we keeping up? Technology is what we – humans – do. It’s what defines our species. Throughout our history, we invented tools that didn’t just help us survive, but improved our lives enormously. Our motto could very […]

A Jobless Future? New Learning Models Make It Look Less Bleak

This one here says “Extra strong. For Mondays.” He smiled. You don’t get it, do you? A man was talking to a young kid. They had found a bunch of old coffee cups. The kid looked puzzled. People used to hate Mondays, the man explained. On Monday it was the hardest to go to work. That’s why they needed […]

The Case Against Endurance

Schools everywhere select mostly for endurance. This comment came in response to my tale of Wastelands and Meadows. No further explanation was provided and, in the context of my story, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I chewed over its meaning for a while. Lou, the student who inspired my story, lacked in endurance – the comment implied. That’s […]

My Dream School

At my new school, students and teachers look happy in the morning. The atmosphere sparkles with positive energy. I come in knowing I can spend the first hour however I wish. Ease into the day’s rhythm, warm up for the day, get my mind ready. And so can everybody else – students and teachers alike. Some spend this hour on social media and news […]

Self-Directed Learning: How Do We Know What We Don’t Know?

This question comes up in many conversations on self-directed learning. How should kids know what they don’t know? How should they know what is worth learning? In fact, it’s usually not meant as a question, but to make a point: Kids need a knowledge base to be able to ask pertinent questions about the world. Without this knowledge, the world appears pitch-dark, and […]

Study Says Student Motivation Is Irrelevant To Learning – A Dangerous Proposition

As a student, I disliked school. I even detested it on occasion. And one of the things I hated was the preeminence of exams and scores. But I complied. I worked hard so I could get the marks I needed to move forward. School often felt like labor for good marks. Therefore, if someone had asked if I enjoyed school, my […]