The 2015 iGEM Undergrad Winners

The 2015 iGEM Grand Prize for an undergrad team went to the College of William and Mary – one of the oldest universities in the United States. Here is the link to the team’s top-notch wiki page. They worked on noise. But not the familiar kind that we can hear. They were interested in the noise describing the variability in the performance of a machine – the way its […]


Is she daydreaming? Where is her mind right now? I’m standing in front of my biology class, trying to make eye contact with my students, get them to settle down. This class comes right after lunch, so I’m used to them being chatty and distracted. But Steph is not talking to her neighbour, as usual. She […]

Trending: The Happiness Report Card

They say happiness is a “flaky” concept. Is it? Is the idea of happiness too personal and esoteric to deserve much attention and interest? Is our aspiration for happiness too subjective and vague to give it much thought in our busy, day-to-day lives? If happiness isn’t on your mind so much, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re just […]

The 2015 iGEM High School Winners

This team won the High School Grand Prize at the 2015 iGEM competition.  photo credit: iGEM foundation and Justin Knight The team is from Taipei American School (TAS) in Taiwan. This is the link to their wiki page: What was their project about? What made it a winning project? I was curious and looked for answers […]

The Sense Of Balance

Watch this. It’s called balance. It takes practice. Everyone can learn to do it – Up to a point, at least. If you want to try it, here is a web link with instructions. But don’t expect it to work right away. Keep at it! How to walk a tightrope Which parts of your body need close attention […]

Ed Tech and the Future of School

“Our technology has exceeded our humanity” – Einstein said. And this was before the information age had even started! Today, technology changes faster than ever. How are we keeping up? Technology is what we – humans – do. It’s what defines our species. Throughout our history, we invented tools that didn’t just help us survive, but improved our lives enormously. Our motto could very […]