Magda Pop

As the world changes, schooling does too. This space is meant to reflect and inform on how schools are changing, at least as seen from where I live now, which is Alberta (Canada). I wish to help families and educators understand and keep track of these changes, so they can participate and influence the process in meaningful ways.

I am a scientist and educator passionate about improving our experience of school and learning. This passion was born out of a discontent with the regimentation and monotony in my own life as a student, and it grew steadily as I went through my professional career, first as a researcher in experimental life sciences (1987-2000), and then as a high-school science teacher (2000-2013). As a parent too, I was disappointed by my son’s experience of school, and worried about how it might hurt his future.

But now there is change in the air. The rapid and dramatic transformations that the society is going through call for the reinvention of schooling. And an increasing number of organizations and individuals feel compelled to answer this call. In the fall of 2013 it has become imperative for me too to act as an agent of school change. This blog is one of the ways in which I’m pursuing my passion for school reform.

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