Operation Minerva – Making Science and Math More Appealing to Girls

Would you like to get out of the classroom and see how science and math are relevant to the real world?

If you are a grade 8 or 9 girl from Alberta, the Operation Minerva program might give you that chance. This annual one-day event takes place during the month of April or May in three Alberta locations, each with its specific personality and flavour.

  • Operation Minerva Calgary is a job-shadowing event hosted by Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN) that gives grade 8 girls the opportunity to visit one of many job sites across the city of Calgary. As guests at their assigned site, the girls spend the whole day in the company of women scientists or engineers who share with them what makes their job interesting and fun.
  • Operation Minerva Medicine Hat is a service organized by Praxis, which offers grade 9 girls a day of science exploration through job-shadowing and engaging workshops.
  • Operation Minerva Lethbridge is a program offered to grade 8 and 9 girls by Destination Exploration at the University of Lethbridge. The event consists of interactive workshops and mentorship provided by women professionals from various science fields.



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